Flexi Cloud Servers

With our Flexi Cloud Servers, you can deploy your cloud virtual machine in a matter of seconds! Configure and customize your resources as you need and when you need it; we offer hourly billing and you will be get charged at the end of each month. Our Flexi Cloud Servers are ideal for SaaS providers, web developers, for people who want to customize every aspect of their virtual server, and people who want instant gratification! Use the Calculator below to estimate your usage on a monthly basis.

    HKD 0.0001 / Hour / MB
    (powered off @ HKD 0.00005 / Hour / MB)
    0.0021 HKD / Hour / GB
    (powered off @ HKD 0.001 / Hour / GB)
  • DEDICATED CPU per vCore
    0.0983 HKD / Hour / vCore
    (powered off - no charge)
    0.0700 HKD / Hour
    (powered off @ HKD 0.0700 / Hour)
Estimate Usage per month:
Operating System
Estimated Monthly Total:
HKD /month
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* Resources above are for your Cloud Virtual Machine Usage. Other costs suchs as Bandwidth and Backup storage is not included in the price estimate. Refer to the table below for additional costs that may be incurred based on your monthly usage.
  • Bandwidth IN
  • Free
  • Bandwidth Out
  • HKD 2.6 per GB
  • Autoscale
  • Free
  • Load Balancer
  • Free
  • Backup Storage
  • HKD 0.0014 per GB
uptime support

HK$300 as a signup. The HK$300 payment you make will go completely towards credit and you can use that to pay for your monthly usage.


Price may also include fixed monthly Managed support cost if selected and/or Paid Operating Systems template if choosen regardless if your Virtual machine is enabled or disabled.

We offer Basic Support at no additional cost. For Managed Support the cost is an additional HK$ 450/month per Virtual Machine. Read more in the support tab below for what is covered in Managed support.


  Instant Deployment

Instant Deployment

  Pay as you Go Cloud


Deploy your Cloud Virtual Machine within seconds of placing your order You pay for what you use. If you have deployed your Cloud VM then you will get charged hourly based on your usage.
Multiple Cloud VM

Build Multiple Cloud Virtual Machines

High Availability Cloud Infrastructure

High Availability Infrastructure

With your single sign on account, you can create multiple Virtual Machines; each with its own RAM, Storage, CPU, Operating System and unique configuration We offer top-notch servers at our Tier 4 data center with full redundancy on our servers. This means that there is pretty much no downtime and incase of a server issue you will immediately be migrated to our standby servers
Virtual Machine Image

Virtual Machine Image

High Uptime

99.9% Uptime

Save your Virtual Machine image into a template which you can use to deploy additional Cloud Virtual Machines on demand and instantly High Availability and Redundancy gives you a 99.9% uptime guarantee backed with our Service Level Agreement
Autoscale Cloud VM

Autoscale on Demand

Low Signup Credit

Low Signup Credit

Need more resources for short bursts of time? Enable Autoscale to add more RAM and HD on demand as required without worry. We provide Autoscale feature at no cost so your application can scale instantly Try with confidence, only HK$300 low signup credit when you sign up for the first time. You can use the full HK$ 300 for paying for your usage at the end of month
Cluster and Load Balance Cloud Server

Cluster and Load Balancer

Excellent Connectivity

Excellent Connectivity

Deploy your Application on a cluster with a Load Balancer. We provide a Load balancer for you FREE so you can distribute your web application load on demand Excellent connectivity within Asia and into China as well as to Europe and USA.
Cloud Operating System

Operating System Templates

Cloud Auto Backup Server


Choose from a wide variety of Linux and Windows Operating System Templates when deploying your Virtual Machine. Your Virtual Machine image can be automatically backed up on a daily or weekly basis. You can configure your schedule as well as take snapshots of your Cloud VM image anytime

Dashboard / Server Panel

Cloud Local LAN

Local LAN IP

When you signup you will have access to your dashboard where you can deploy Virtual Machines, manage your virtual machines (start/stop/resize), monitor your resource usage and much more If you deploy more than one Cloud Virtual machine, you can set up your own Local LAN with your multiple VM's. This means FREE bandwidth between your multiple VM's and you can deploy your VM securely without any access to the Internet; ideal for Database applications or sensisitve data
Cloud Server API

Powerful API

Low Cost Cloud Server

Low Cost!

Access to our Cloud API to allow you to manage your Cloud Virtual Machine directly from your application. This is ideal for SaaS Application providers and you can deploy, scale, start/stop, and manage your VM instance with our feature rich API Enjoy the pay-as-you go model at an exceptionally LOW hourly rate. No one even comes close!


What Virtualization do you use?

For our Flexi Cloud Servers, we use XEN as our virtualization technology.


What Operating Systems Can I Install? Can I upgrade the OS?

For our Flexi Cloud Servers, we provide multiple flavours of Linux Operating System (CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, Redhat) and Windows Operating System (Windows 2008 Server - Web / Standard / Enterprise).


Your Cloud Virtual Machine is created with your choice of Operating System and you can modify or install any system files as per your requirement. You can also upgrade the operating system as you need.


Can I customize my Virtual Machine Resources?

YES! That is the main feature of our Flexi Cloud Server. After signing up with us, we will provide you with access to a Control Panel to manage all your Virtual Machines. From your control panel dashboard, You can specify your own resources such as RAM, SAS Disk Space, CPU, and Operating System and within seconds your Cloud Virtual Machine will be deployed.


How many Virtual Machines can I make?

From your Control Panel, you can deploy as many VM's as you like; each with its own customized resources such as RAM, SAS Disk Space, CPU and Operating System.


Operating System Licenses

For Linux Operating System, there is no license cost except Redhat where you will have to obtain your own license.

For Windows Operating System, Prices are inclusive of Licenses cost on an hourly basis.


Can I Manage my Virtual Machines?

YES! With your control panel you can manage all aspects of your Cloud Servers.

  • Create Virtual Machine / Destroy Virtual Machine
  • Start/Stop/Restart/Suspend Virtual Machine
  • Resize / Rebuild
  • Manage Backups
  • Manage Autoscale Options
  • Manage Network Configuration and Firewall
  • View Resource Usage
  • Migrate / Password / SSH Keys


How do I know my usage monthly?

From your Control Panel you can see resource consumption for all your Virtual Machines even if they have been destroyed or disabled. You can monitor CPU usage, RAM Usage, Storage, Backups, Bandwidth and much more. We keep data for upto 3 months so you can always view historical data for the previous month.


Whats so Cool about your Flexi Cloud Servers?

Apart from the complete customoziation of your resources and only being billed hourly on usage (pay-as-you-go), you can also setup Autoscape configuration that can add more resources on demand automatically. You can also set up your own Loadbalancer (minimum two virtual machines) so you can balance your website load when you have heavy traffic. You can also setup your own backup and take snapshots. And of course, once you have configured your VM with the right settings, Operating system and application, you can save your Flexi Cloud Server into a VM image which you can deploy over and over again to another Virtual Machine Instance!


Do you have API that I can interface my SaaS application with?

YES! We have a whole list of API functions that you can use to deploy Cloud Servers as well as manage them. This is perfect for SaaS application providers or Resellers if you would like to bundle our Cloud Hosting VM's with your Application. For more details on using our API, Contact us


When and how do I get Billed?

For our Flexi Cloud Servers, we will bill you based on your usage at the end of month. You will receive a bill totalling all your Hourly Resource Usage (RAM, CPU, Storage, Bandwidth, Backups) in the month for all your deployed Flexi Cloud Servers.


What is the HK $300 signup amount for if you charge only on usage?

For the first time signup of your account, you need to pay HK$ 300 as a signup credit. The HK$ 300 will be used completely for credit and this can be deducted from your bill at the end of the month


Why don't you offer 14-days-money back guarantee like your other products?

Instead of the 14-days-money back guarantee, we are offering a full HK$ 300 credit to your account when you signup.


Can I get a trial account for your Flexi Cloud Servers?

YES! We can offer you a trial account. Simply fill out this form and submit to us to evaluate your trial application.

Trial Account


How can I test the Bandwidth?

You can download a 10MB file to test our speed:Download Test File


What is your Uptime and Service?

We deploy all our servers on high-availability infrastructure. This means that we can offer you a 99.9% uptime guarantee to make sure that your Flexi Cloud Servers are running well. We also have redundant Cloud Server Host Servers for failover incase of issue with our main server. We take pride in our service and we respond and reply to all your queries.


What kind of Support is included in your Flexi Cloud Servers?

We provide Basic Support and Managed Support for our Flexi Cloud Servers.


With Basic support we make sure that your control panel is working fine and that your virtual machines can be deployed. Due to your full root access and configurations that you do, we cannot make sure that your virtual machine is running fine.


With Managed support, we also include help in configuring system level settings and help with some application configuration. We do not support coding or programming of your application. We can also help troubleshoot problems you may be facing when you deploy your application on your Flexi Cloud Servers.


More Questions?

If you have more questions you can:



This is all Great! What should I do next?

We are confident that you will be satisfied with our Flexi Cloud Servers. Your next step is too simply Signup Now and deploy your Cloud Server in a matter of seconds!



As one of the few web hosting provider in hong kong dedicated to cloud servers, we have continuously made investment in new facilities and top-notch servers so that we can provide reliable internet service to our customers.


Data Centre

Our servers are co-located in Hong Kong at Equinix , a leading provider of enterprise level Data Centers across the globe. Equnix is equipped with the latest technology to ensure the availability of your servers is never compromised. By combining redundant high speed internet connections with uninterruptible power supply backup generator sets, we deliver performance, reliability and security at an affordable price.


  • Reliability – Safeguard infrastructure in highly secure data centers delivering a 99.999% uptime record
  • Scalability – The widest worldwide availability of 6 million square feet and growing to ensure scalability
  • Global Reach – The broadest footprint of 90 data centers across 35 key markets in 4 continents
  • Choice – The greatest aggregation of 600+ networks to ensure performance and offer the power of choice


Reliable Connectivity

Our Data center has over 90 Points of Presence including Hong Kong, China, Asia, Europe, and USA

  • 100/1000 Mbps Ethernet Switch Port
  • 24 x 7 Basic Server (uptime/downtime) Monitoring
  • Extensive Public and Private Peering
  • Data Centers Connected Via High Speed Links
  • Multiple links for Redundant Network Connections



  • 24 x 7 Remote Hand Request.
  • 24 x 7 Reboot or Power Cycle on Request.
  • Redundant Power Supply.
  • Secured Cabinet Doors.
  • Multiple N+1 parallel-redundant UPS system.
  • Redundant Environment Control Air Conditioning System.
  • UPS Backup Generator Set with 72 Hours Refuelable Supply.
  • Cables across top and alternate Hot-and-Cool Aisle for regulated air-flow


Effective Fire Protection

In addition to smoke and heat detection devices, our data centre is equipped with fire fighting systems to protect against fire hazards. Fire Master 200 (FM200) Gas-based Fire Suppression System utilizes Halon, which can quickly extinguish fire in 10 seconds or less without creating any harm to electrical equipment. The pre-action dry-pipe sprinkler system is installed to provide a strong backup to FM200.


Steadfast Air Conditioning

Any computer facilities require air-conditioning to prevent malfunctions caused by overheating. The data centre strictly controls the temperature and humidity within the location using redundant cooling towers, so that all facilities can run properly at all times. Furthermore our Data Center has hot and cool aisles for regulated Air-Flow


Stable Power Supply

The premier power system deployed eliminates the risks of service interruption due to power outage. The centre is equipped with redundant (N+1) Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) System, 1-hour battery backup and N+1 Diesel Generators with full load capacity. A HVAC system provides appropriate airflow, temperature, and humidity to provide optimum conditions for equipment operation and to minimize downtime due to equipment failure.



  • Biometric system with fingerprint recognition, PIN access and CCTV surveillance.
  • Secure Facility with Strict & Limited Access to Data Center.
  • Secured Cabinet Doors.


For more details of our Data Center, visit Equinix Hong Kong



We provide Basic Support and Managed Support for our Flexi Cloud Servers.


With Basic support we make sure that your control panel is working fine and that your virtual machines can be deployed. Due to your full root access and configurationst that you do, we cannot make sure that your virtual machine is running fine.


With Managed support, we also include help in configuring system level settings and help with some application configuration. We do not support coding or programming of your application. We can also help troubleshoot problems you may be facing when you deploy your application on your Flexi Cloud Servers.


We provide Email Support 24 hours, 7 days a week.

You can login to your customer Portal to send us your support request or if you have registered with us, you can email directly at support@vpshosting.com.hk